Hugo Romeu MD

About Hugo Romeu MD

Dr. Romeu is an accomplished Executive Medical Director with years of accomplishment in health, wellness, and physical fitness. The internet reviews of his patients compliment him for taking the time to comprehend their difficulties. 32 chronic obstructive pulmonary disease trials, 41 diabetes trials, 12 studies involving dermatology products, Seven rheumatology studies, 15 device studies, 16 HIV studies, Seven oncology and chemotherapy studies, and 12 weight loss studies are examples of Dr. Romeu's extensive experience in clinical trials and research.

Dr. Romeu maintains an international network of professional contacts, providers, and distributors due to his proficiency in clinical pathology, laboratory medicine, anatomic pathology, forensic analysis, and research. During the pandemic, Romeu pioneered significant breakthroughs in COVID 19 testing and FDA applications for antibody and antigen kits.

Dr. Romeu has been an active member of the South Florida community for over three decades. Numerous are his contributions to the community. Dr. Romeu started Food for Life, which delivers healthful vegetarian meals to homeless individuals and orphans, approximately 25 years ago. Dr. Romeu sat on the Board of Directors of Rimrock Gold Corporation from 2018 to 2019.